Chinese cerebral palsy sufferer gains PhD scholarship in US



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A Chinese graduate student living with cerebral palsy has been offered a full scholarship to the doctoral program at Stony Brook University in New York, reports the People's Daily.

Mo Tianchi, a postgraduate majoring in software engineering in Central South University, Hunan Province, has been accepted for full-time graduate studies in Computer Science in Stony Brook University starting in the fall semester of 2018.

Mo Tianchi was not able to speak or walk until he was two years old. His affliction has resulted in slurred speech, difficulty walking and slow hand-eye coordination. Despite this, he was able to work his way from primary school through university with excellent scores.

With the success of the computer program AlphaGo, Mo Tianchi says that he wants to work with artificial intelligence and its applications in the medical field. He says he hopes to find ways to create more convenience for people with cerebral palsy through his research.