This couple's superhuman workout routine!



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Julian and boyfriend Austin took the Internet by a storm with their jaw-dropping video of their partner workouts...

Julian Daigre & Austin Raye use their surroundings as their gym.

They do extreme workouts together.

Their routines combine cheerleading, parkour, acrobatics, and martial arts.

They scale buildings and push off to do flips.

They use each other as weights.

Julian and Austin are great athletes individually

but they’re even stronger together.

They know their workouts are risky, but they overcome their fears

and encourage others to do the same. 

The couple does personal training in New Orleans and abroad. 

Let's see what they've been up to since! 

As we enter 2018, here's  Julian and Austin's 2017 Compilation of fails and wins:

Believe in yourself

Never give up

Win together

These workout stunts are performed by trained professionals, don't try these at home.