Rockin' activewear looks for spring



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    Girls, let's get comfy! Practical and functional activewear in all its sweat-wicking, breathable, ultra-elastic glory has entered the fashion mainstream. We exist in a time where more women than ever are participating in physical exercise, a number that has grown at an accelerated pace since the sports bra was invented in 1977 (hallelujah girls, we finally got support!). In this modern day, sporty is the new black, strong is the new skinny, and comfortable is the new sexy. Don that activewear babe, it’s time to shine.

For inspiration, here are seven of the active/athleisure looks that we love (and will copy for ourselves).

1.Sweatpants and heels

2.The leather jacket touch 

3. Long coats

4. Groovy sunglasses, baby

5. Hoodies under Blazers

6. Gym tops and skirts

7. Bomber jackets

Did you know...

A 2012 study by Adam and Galinsky on “the systematic influence that clothes have on the wearer’s psychological processes” produced results that show that the clothes you wear directly influence and affect the way you think and what you do. So...wear activewear and you will be more inclined towards physical exercise. Now scientifically proven!

There you have it. It’s acceptable to dress up the dress down, and be comfy in activewear all day, every day. Sometimes, you can even wear it to the gym